I guess you could say,
I'm Pom Adore Pomeranians.
And I Am Moona La Ayres.
And I had a dream...
And I made my dream come come true.
I wanted to own a Champion.
But better yet, do it myself....
After many many years of watching from the sideline, and purchasing a number of Pomeranians that turned out not so nice, I finally ended up with the most beautiful Pomeranian ever....
My little Ariel.
When Ariel was only two days old her breeder called me. Her and her brother needed to be fostered. Their mommy was ill, and could I help. I did have a litter at the time, so I drove a hour away and took these two newborn babies back home with me. My nursing mom took them in and they blossomed. I asked the breeder if I could purchase the girl from him, and I ended up owning PARK AVENUE'S CHANCES ARE I'LL BE A STAR
(I named her...).
Ariel as she is called is a work of art...
And with her I learned to groom, handle, stack, show, etc.
She was very patient with me through all my growing pains.
But we did it. On February 14, 2014 Ariel became a Champion.
And I couldn't be prouder of her.
I'd have to call myself a little
Boutique Breeder.
I'm trying to select only the best.
I Breed to AKC Standards.
Produce puppies that I can be proud to say:
I did that.
It's always with the goal in mind to produce my next Show Potential.
My puppies are my kids.
They are why I wake up each day.
They live in my house with me.
No kennels, no cages.
I live on a little over a acre, in Northern California.
My Pommies think it's Paradise.
The back deck is glass enclosed.
It's a great play area too.
This pathway gets used a lot.
It's like a race course sometimes....
View from the front door, which is usually open...
Here's the backyard, we don't go there...
Hubby & I.
Could not have done this without his patience and support!
They say a Picture is worth a Thousand Words... You can just imagine what just happened.
See Ariel looking up at me? Lol.
She's saying: "See, I told you we could do it".
I'm showing my own little "Gracie Mae". She took BOB and 2nd in Group.
(I don't know why the lady in front of me has a black square on her butt... Lol)
Entrance to the play area...
or the Secret Garden.
My passion is taking pics of my babies....if you didn't know.
That's Mr. Wilson, Ariel & Me!
They make me look good! Lol!
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